Defining the goals…

OK. So, after I began to think out-loud in response to a comment on a previous post, where @Celestiteblue did point out a need for a clearer picture, so to speak, of what exactly Sketch4Health is about, I have decided to pose 1 question per blog post.

So each post will have one and only one question. I will put my thoughts out there, but I am hoping for some serious brainstorming too!

The Question of the Day: Who is the “target audience?” (i.e. who should receive help accessing a convenient creative outlet first)

Initially I was thinking primarily in-patients and those needing daily hospital treatments for any chronic/severe health conditions. It did occur to me, however, that many hospitals already have some sort of art-therapy like resources available, especially in psychiatric wings and in large teaching hospitals. This is NOT to say that in-patients should be ignored, but I think many people with chronic health problems may be flying under the radar simply because they are doing a bit better.

This leads me to a tentative initial scope of recipients: hospital patients with limited to no access to artistic outlets, community healthcare centers that see a large number of low-income patients and/or medicaid patients, and residents of LTC facilities (Long Term Care facilities) that do not already incorporate art-therapy (or something similar) into a holistic treatment plan.

Once we can define a starting “target group,” we can begin to look at what steps need to be taken in order to actually reach patients/residents and what type of fundraising (not necessarily just monetary donations) is needed/how much…

Ok. YOUR turn! Hopefully one step closer to my goal of being able to define the mission of Sketch 4 Health in one sentence.