Mission and Goals

Sketch4Health’s Mission and Goals:

To provide easy access to basic creative tools to local hospital patients, residents in long-term care facilities, foster children, and other members of the community who may not have access to such tools.


Although art therapy has proven itself to be an effective and healthy way to cope with illness and severe stress (see this video!), most people don’t have easy access to a trained art therapist. Often times, the idea of “creating” as a means of expression, or even the idea that expressing one’s feelings could be beneficial, has not occurred to those in emotionally or physically difficult situations. My belief is that a large number of people from all parts of my community would benefit from the opportunity to express their feelings in a safe and creative manner.

By simply providing a sketchbook or journal and some basic art supplies and writing tools, we could offer both the necessary tools and the basic encouragement for someone to express their feelings in a healthy, productive manner. 

Sketch4Health is still in it’s formative stages– and as such, I need as much help as I can get in order to get it up and running! Please check out a post or two, COMMENT ❤, and contribute ideas whenever possible. I moderate comments, but I have never not posted one that was not obviously spam, and your real name is not necessary. If you do wish to contribute on a regular basis (at this point in time, this does NOT mean “financial” contributions), please follow either through WordPress or sign up to receive regular emails. Any comment that is constructive helps, no matter how simple- it’s amazing the things just one person can overlook.

I need to have the strongest grasp on what I am going to do before I hit the ground running, since I would like to keep Sketch4Health “running” for a rather long time!

Please spread the word if you know anyone who  might be interested in helping out, has art therapy experience, or if they might simply be willing to check out the blog!

Best wishes to all of the wonderful people who took the time to read all of this!!!

❤ Amy


Please comment! Your thoughts are more helpful than you may think!

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