AWARD= REALLY Pleasantly Surprised!

I am extremely excited to announce a wonderful gift from CharcoalBlue – Sketch4Health’s very first blog award! Some thing called the Liebster Award. I have NO clue as to the origins of this award, as too much time spent googling it led to pretty much nothing in the way of an official start, but the general consensus is that I have to answer a few things to accept the nomination. I have no complaints!

So I have a bit of work to do in order to accept! YAY!

11 things about Me…

1. I am a caffeine addict, but mostly because I love the taste of coffee AND tea

2. I am trying to compost using worms (I’m trying to make this as interesting as possible! hehehe)

3. I have a weird habit of looking at the clock when it is eleven after… I think it started by accident and now I just notice it more often?

4. I am addicted to learning. Anything.

5. I speak a bit of Mandarin

6. I am a morning person to the core! And I am most definitely early to bed, too.

7. I have a blog, but not my own laptop ;-D

8. I give a mean foot massage.

9. I HATE hairdryers. Not for any reason related to the health of my hair or for appearance, it’s just too noisy!

10. I listen to more top-40 pop music than I would ever like to admit

11. A year ago, I thought blogs were the dumbest things on the internet. But now I love them- they are the electronic version of the sketchbooks I want to give away.

11 questions about Me…

1. What is a fond childhood memory?

I first told my parents I wanted to become an artist when I was only three years old. I don’t think I even knew what “being an artist” meant then (and I often still wonder if I know now). My parents responded with wonderful words of encouragement, and my dad taught me something I will never forget: “You can make a living doing anything as long as you really love it and work hard.” Of course, as we get older, all of us become a bit skeptical of such optimism, but I try to remember the sincerity with which he told me that. I do believe he is right- I’m just still figuring out what I love to do the most- there is so much out there to do!

2. Your favourite movie?

This changes depending on the day, lol. But I will never loose respect for Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. It is a documentary about Ai Weiwei‘s struggles, and more importantly his perseverance as both an artist and activist. I would tell you more about him, his work, and the movie- but then you wouldn’t go googling it and finding him inspiring for yourselves!

3. If you could do/be anything – what would it be?

I wish I knew. I suppose if I could DO anything, it would have to everything! I get sidetracked rather easily, but this tends to lead me down some interesting paths and I find myself learning things I never ever would have thought I would even enjoy.

4. Most common item you buy that is under $10.00

I’m an artist- which sometimes translates into borderline hoarder- so take a wild guess. That’s right- random art supplies! I am a sucker for craft clearances, anything I can use in any project I can imagine. It results in quite a mess of random crap sometimes (most of the time…) but cheap crafty stuff is addictive. (Second most common is COFFEE!)

5. Something that annoys you

Assumptions. They do not merely annoy me, they anger me and I believe that they are nothing if not dangerous.

6. Something that gives you pleasure

Well, I suppose art is an obvious answer… I love to run, especially on new trails. I’m not very fast and am out of shape, but I am addicted!

7. Find your self daydreaming about ….

This blog. Literally. Sketch4Health has gotten into my head and I think about it all the time- problems that need to be addressed, logo ideas, wondering about future legal issues, and how to make it actually work. 

8. Where do you get your ideas for your posts?

I am a “fixer” by nature, and I want to solve a problem whenever I see one in the “system,” so to speak. So I ask myself what my strengths are- and how I can best fill these gaps people are getting caught in. I can’t fill them all, and Sketch4Health only addresses a specific, small part of the healthcare industry that needs a bit of help, and even so, I need help. I can’t go at this alone- it has to be colaborative; we all have unique ideas as to how to approach certain problems, and the combination of those ideas is typically going to be the best solution. So my posts address concerns, thoughts, and ideas that I need some input on. I say this all of the time: “I NEED comments!”

9. Which do you enjoy most, pondering the possibilities or narrowing down the options?

PONDERING THE POSSIBILITIES! I HATE narrowing down the options- it makes me feel like I’m eliminating things that could be potentially amazing.

10. Favourite novel

Not a big fiction reader, but I love biographies, so I’m going to cheat and go with that! American By Choice by Craig FergusonHe is a comedian  and a wonderful one at that, but his writing is honest to the core. And not only that, the book is very well written, unlike too many other autobiographies that are written for the sole purpose of money. I have a great respect for him and LOVED reading that book.

11. Advice for a mum who will one day have 3 teenage sons – at the same time?

LOL! I don’t have kids yet, but I will say one thing: LISTEN. And don’t judge. It’s very hard to turn to someone and place your trust in them if you expect to be judged for what you say. I’m not saying don’t discipline them and never get angry, just be aware that what they have to say is still valid- even if they may be ridiculously immature at times 😉

11 blogs I am nominating…

HarsH ReaLiTy– I love this honest sense of humor, I love that I can laugh and still see the insightfulness through Opinionated Man’s anecdotes  poems, and complete randomness. There is something to be said about brutal honesty and the willingness to offend.

WAGblog- Oh my goodness is this woman amazing! She writes, creates art, and works towards improving the lives of those with schizophrenia and mental illness. She is quite accomplished and her posts are wonderfully meaningful, not to mention the pictures of her artwork which is exquisitely expressive ❤ LOVE

Hollis Plample-  Sketches on a blog? How could I not love this! Her comics always bring a smile to my face, but don’t forget to appreciate her style! I love the honesty in her drawings. No obsession is given over to being perfectly polished, and this adds a true beauty to an already enjoyable anecdote.

Love. Life.- If you ever need to be inspired, want to think deeply, read something truly beautiful, go to this blog. Never disappoints!

A Diamond in the Stuff- Lovely, lovely craftinesses! ❤

Get Busy Gardening- Well, I’m on a gardening kick, and I’m always looking for tips and ideas! Great site, smart woman, and I love a wonderful blog that encourages people to get out there and garden too!

Creativity in Therapy– How could I not include this one? A real art therapist, Carolyn shares wonderful insights into how to effectively help people through art and creativity. Intelligent, meaningful, and inspiring!

Home Heart Craft- Love the name alone, but I pop over to this blog for awesome craftiness ideas! Very creative to the core, and easy to follow and understand (i.e. ideal for me ;-D )

It’s Not Work It’s Gardening- One of those blogs I should go back and re-read every post every month or so so I don’t forget all these good tips!

Craft and Repeat- Crafty, DIY goodness! Need I say more?

Mbfitzmahan- A very new WP blog with only a few posts, but the photographs are gorgeous! Worth checking out even if you’re not usually into photography!

11 questions for the nominees:

1. What food do you eat that people around you find extremely weird and/or disgusting?

2. Why do you choose to blog?

3. Where do you get your inspiration for your posts?

4. What was your favorite subject in school? (yes- lunch and recess are acceptable answers if you hated school ;-P )

5. If you had a million dollars, and could NOT use it for charity, what would you buy?

6. Biggest pet peeve?

7. Are you one of those people who keeps focused and organized, or are you one of those that keeps open and a bit messy?

8. One word to describe your blog. (I almost wrote “yourself” instead of “blog” but remembered that is the most cliche question EVER and that I absolutely HATE it!)

9. First book you ever read (or remember reading)?

10. Do you blog only when you want to, or are there times when you feel you need to post something to keep a routine?

11. What is your real job? (Yes, the answer can be blogging, Mom or Dad, nothing, etc. No judgement, just curious)

WHEW! OK- I think I did it! Such an honor to be given an award (if you read this and you are thinking it’s “no big deal” smack yourself upside the head for me, because a tiny blog like this needs some ego-boosting once in a while!)

Best wishes!

❤ Amy


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  1. Dear Amy,
    Thank you again for nominated me for the Leibster Award. I am very excited. I am busily answering questions, coming up with questions. But, I need your help. I am a new blogger. I do not know where to go to find other blogs so that I can give them the same honor you gave me. You had a list of such interesting blogs. Is there a place to start?

    • I have to admit, I didn’t have enough to start with myself. I just searched keywords on the WP reader, and did the same in a google blog search. It was wonderful- I found some really cool new sites!

    • You are so very kind! I have no words! Wonderful to read your responses- what an amazing life you have lived (and are living!)
      ❤ Best wishes,

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